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There is no doubt that the translation generally, and translation into Arabic in particular are important in transfer of knowledge and exchange of science and ideas between nations. King AbdulAziz University is struggling in this regard, and in support of its efforts, Translation Unit in CEES is translating the most important books, booklets and brochures concerned with the knowledge, science and environmental issues in various fields from English into Arabic, taking into account purchasing the rights of translation and publication of what is necessary, and publication after the completion of translation in agreement with Scientific Publishing Center in the university or private publishers. On the other hand, The Unit is translating from English and Arabic and vice versa, for periodic reports, contracts, correspondence and documents of the transactions of CEES as well as follow-up, adjust and update the content of the English homepages of the Center’s website.

Translation projects

Project# Name of scientific material Item Author / Editor      Pages Edition / year Original publisher Translation status Publisher of translated copy
1 Landscape and Sustainability Text book John F. Benson
Maggie Roe
320 2nd Ed/ 2007 (Routledge) Taylor & Francis Group Finishing the translation draft
2 Air Pollution Brochure Breathe California 8 -- Breathe California Finishing the translation and design of the brochure
3 Automotive Simple Things to Keep Our Waterways Clean Brochure City of Encinitas 2 -- City of Encinitas Finishing the translation draft
4 Using Water Wisely to Reduce the Impact of Runoff Brochure Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality 2 -- Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Finishing the translation and design of the brochure


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