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Criteria of Research Projects Acceptance

Please be advised that CEES looks primarily for research partnerships and therefore encourages discussing research ideas before the students submit their applications. Discussions could be widely open and may include issues such as:

  • The suitability of the project to the center’s research priorities.
  • Taking advantage of the center’s human, technical and material data.
  • The relevance of research topic to the local environment.
  • Publishing research papers of the project.

Process of Research Projects Acceptance

Approving research projects at CEES requires two main stages (About four weeks) that starts by submitting a complete research application by the graduate student either electronically via e-mail at or manually at CEES office. (click here to download research application and requirements)

The three stages are as follows:

  1. Revision of the submitted research projects Application (By CEES’s Executive Committee)
  2. (Duration: Two weeks)
    After the graduate student submits research project application, it will be checked by the executive committee in terms of completion and relevance to the center’s research priorities. If there is any comment on the submitted application, the student will be notified, and if there isn’t then the application will move to the next stage.

  3.  Approval of the research project (By CEES’s Executive Committee)
  4. (Duration: Two weeks)
    In this stage, the research budget is to be negotiated, then the research project contract is to be signed.


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