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The Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies is paying a great attention regarding to community service and environmental awareness not less than that devoted to the research. However, the research its Potential results dedicated to community service and achieve sustainable development. The role of CEES in appreciation of community service is embodies in establishing the unit which concerns with environmental affairs and community development through the adoption of environmental awareness events, participation in environmental events, activities and occasions locally, regionally and even internationally Moreover, qualifying training courses for the center's staff, and/or by training courses to the community on different environmental fields are implemented.

Duties and responsibilities of Community Service and Training Unit

  • Prepare the required forms for the courses and training programs in liaise with the Centre administration and Head of Information Unit.
  • Prepare an annual plan for courses and training programs that can be provided by the Center in the areas of the center's excellence (water pollution, solid waste, and air pollution), in liaise with the Centre administration and Heads of research groups.
  • Prepare an annual plan for developmental programs for the center's staff members.
  • Propose the names of distinguished trainers from inside and outside the Kingdom to deliver these courses and training programs in liaising with the Centre administration and the heads of groups, and Head of International Communication and Conferences Unit.
  • Propose appropriate ways for marketing of courses and training programs mentioned above, liaising with the Centre Administration and Head of Community Service Unit, and Head of Public Relations and Media Unit.
  • Design the courses and workshops certificates.

Achievements of the Community Service & Training Unit

Type of Activity number
Workshops 12
Lectures 8
Awareness campaigns 16
Participating in conferences 3
Participations in exhibitions, forums and seminars 17
Training Programs 9


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