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CEES Achievements

  • The number of the researchers has increased to 12 and the number of technician has increased to 6. ( Researchers\Technicians) .
  • CEES has cooperated with number of scientific researchers from different colleges inside and outside KAU, besides a number of international cooperation.
  • 152 research papers have been published or accepted for publications. 142 out of them were in the last year.
  • CEES researchers have published 97 research papers in distinguished journals. (CEES Scientific Publishing)
  • 14 research projects were funded In addition, CEES has started publishing a scientific textbook titled:”Introduction to Environmental Design” and book chapter titled "Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Energy Sources", and translated another titled: “Landscape and Sustainability".  (Funded Research Projects) .
  • 16 post graduate research projects were funded, including 5 PhD and 11 Master. (Graduate Projects) .
  • 2 patents have been submitted:
    1. A sort of needle shaped electrochemical screening device for antioxidant activity detection.
    2. Sunlight Active Composite Photocatalyst for Water Purification.
  • Two research projects have been accepted and funded by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
  • Five research projects have been submitted to be funded by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
  • More than 44 Instruments and analytical equipments were provided in the laboratory. which let to having 6 fully equip laboratory(Water Pollution Lab, Air Pollution Lab, Solid waste Lab, Electrochemical environmental Lab ,Microbiology lab, Chemical analysis lab) . In addition, training programs have been carried out for the Lab Technicians and researches in operation of the imported analytical instruments. (Laboratory Instruments)
  • CEES has made partnerships and research cooperation with scientific institutions and other relevant institutions. (Partnerships) .
  • Official members of CEES have made several visits locally and internationally, also bodies and scientific institutions from outside the center have visited CEES.
  • CEES administration has met with the consultation committee four times during the last year:
    1. The first meeting was held on 1/6/2011.
    2. The second meeting was held on 9/2/2012.
    3. The third meeting was held on 4/3/2013.
    4. The fourth meeting was held on 24/2/2014.
  • CEES has organized 12 workshops, 8 lectures, 16 awareness campaigns and and 3 meetings and participate in the 16 (conferences, forums, exhibitions, forums and seminars), as well as television and post 9 Training Programs.(CEES Activities)
  • CEES participation in the 2nd Gulf International Exhibition for Environment and Sustainable Development, 2011.
  • Workshop discussing details of the research programs and priorities of the research activities. About 20 faculty members were participated in the workshop.
  • A new extensive design for the center’s website has been developed and launched. And a new logo of the center has been redesigned and approved.
  • The center has completed translating three brochures about environmental issues. Also, the unit has started translating short video clips about environment. Such products will be used and distributed for the purposes of serving the local community.

Here are some figures about CEES accomplishments during the past few years:


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