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Chemical Analyzes Prices

# Analysis type Device Price(SR)


SET1: A1,Mg, Zn, K, Na, Fe, Ca, Ni, B, Ba, Cr, Cu, Li, Ag, Cd, Mg, Sr, Co, Pb
SET2: V, P, As, Si, Mo, S
SET3: Be, Sb, Se, Sn, Ti
Set4: Hg

Heavy Metals(up to 3 elements) Any additional element will added to the price of 10 SAR/Sample

Inductively Coupled Plasma

(ICP-AES) Atomic Emission
Spectroscopy , without dizestion

SET1: 250
SET4: 90



2 Anions / Cations Ion Chromatograph
3 Quantitative Qualitative Analysis of
(PAHs) ***
Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry
4 Qualitative Analysis of
(PAHs) ***
HPLC 200
5 Liquid samples UV– Visible
(190-1100 nm)
6 Functional groups of organic compounds FTIR 80
7 Liquid samples for TOC TOC 100
8 Total Nitrogen Kjeltec 8400/ Kjeltec sampler 8420
Auto Distillation Unit
 9 Elemental Analysis  TXRF  400 
 10 Optical Characterization of Solid Diffuse Reflectance Spectrophotometer  300
 11 Surface Hydrophobicity  (Drop shape Analyzer (DSA3OS)  100 
12  Chemical analysis of water samples***  Titrimeric Method 300 

Microbiology Analyzes prices

# Analysis type Device Price(SR)
Bacterial Cell Count Plate count 200
4 Total Coliform MPN protocol 200
15 Fecal coliform MPN protocol Autoclave, Inoculation chamber, Incubator 200
16 E. Coli MPN protocol 200
17 Algae identification Microscope 100
18 Isolation of Bacterial DNA
(Environmental samples – water and soil )
Qiagen kit 150
19 Amplification of Bacterial DNA – PCR PCR Machine 200
20 Purification of PCR product Qiagen kit 150
21 Gel Electrophoresis and documentation of PCR product Gel documentation unit 100
22 Biochemical Oxygen Demand
3-Day BOD test APHA 2005 200
23 Chemical Oxygen Demand
Closed Reflux, Titrimetric 200
 24 OD of growing cell culture  Colorimeter  100 
 25 Algae Quantification   Microscope 250 
26   Fungal identification Specific Medium+ Microscope  200
27   Microbial analysis of Air quality**** Plate count  100

Analyzes of the physical properties prices

# Analysis type Device Price(SR)
28 pH pH-meter 20
29 Electrical Conductivity Conductivity meter 20
30 Total Dissolved Solid
TDS meter 20
31 Salinity Salinity meter 20
32 Dissolved Oxygen DO meter 20
33 Humidity   Oven 20 

Analyzes of the Air Quality prices

# Analysis type Device Price(SR)
34 PM (TSP, PM2.5, PM10)
35 Dioxin &Furan 


37 Ventilation (in door)
38 Meteorological Parameters
, RH, Wind speed, Wind direction, AP)

Analyzes of the Noises prices

# Analysis type Device Price(SR)
39 Industrial noise: indoor noise survey/
at the source (Laeq, Lamax)
40 Community noise: outdoor noise survey
/day and night- (Ldn, L90,L10,L50

Exposure to noise: noise dose/noise
exposure level (%Lex) entire shift period

42 Room acoustics
(2 parameter-basic measurement)

43 Room acoustics
(3 parameter-advanced measurement)
44 Room acoustics
(4 parameter based on room type and use)


Visiting charge - Sample Details - Collection of samples at KAU – 100SR

Visit Charge – Outside KAU in Jeddah – 200 SR (Transport not included)

 * If the sample needs digestion, the costs of digesting the sample (500) five hundred riyals
and if you samples more than (5) becomes digestion (300) three hundred riyals per sample.

 ** PAHs currently measurable are:

(Phenanthrene, anthracene, pyrene, fluorine, pyrene, benzo (e) pyrene, Benzo (k) fluoranthene)

 *** For one analysis each analysis

 **** For one room (indoor), outdoor based on samples


University employees are given a 20% discount on the above rates.

Postgraduate students are given a 30% discount on the above rates.

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