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Air pollution Unit was established for finding pollutant-free air, and improvement of Inhalant air quality in the Kingdom to promote the level of public health among the citizens and reduce the erosion of buildings, properties and the crop damage due to air pollution, in coordination with the Deanship of Scientific Research.


Controlling air pollutants from stationary and mobile sources.

Research Priorities

Focus on the following research areas:

  • Characterizing the levels and kinds of pollutants around the kingdom and ways of reducing them.
  • The nature and source of pollutants.
  • Characterizing the size distribution of particulates, emission and reduction.
  • Capture, sequestration, and studies of interactions of major pollutants.
  • Modeling and data interpretation.
  • Health and environmental impact of PM and emissions.


  1. Setting research priorities according to the strategic plans of the center.
  2. Cooperation with Information Unit to establish a database on air pollution:
    • Inventory of all relevant bodies to air pollution.
    • Classification of studies according to nature of air pollutants.
    • Developing air pollution management plant in the Kingdom.
  3. Participation in the processing a laboratory specialized in analysis and evaluation of air pollutants.


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