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Saudi Arabia, like other countries, faces many environmental challenges that affect public health. Therefore, environmental issues have received much attention in the Ninth Development Plan of Saudi Arabia; government also has adopted the general system of environment and the national strategic plan of health and environment. Moreover, research in the environmental field has received a great share of interest through the National Plan of Science and Technology.

All environmental regulations and legislation are designed to preserve, protect, develop the environment, prevent pollution and protect public health, conserve and develop the natural resources, and rationalize their use, and to make the environmental planning an integral part of the development comprehensive planning in all of industrial, agricultural and Constructional fields, as well as to raise awareness of environmental issues and further a sense of individual and collective responsibility to maintain it.

Due to tremendous wholistic reforms that are being pursued by our wise government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the university's role, that represents a fundamental and important pillar in the field of environment, has been magnified. Therefore, there was a need to establish the Center to cope with the current environmental affairs and provide appropriate solutions to the dilemmas of the environment in accordance with international standards.

The establishment of CEES at King Abdulaziz University on 15-1-1428 H, with the support and generous funding of Ministry of Higher Education, is corner stone of science and knowledge in the various issues of environment, and represents a serious and open call for all those who are working and interested in the environment; scientists, researchers and graduate students, to make use of all available resources and facilities provided by the Center, using state-of-art in technologies and laboratories, and specialized staff who will assist in the completion of applicable scientific researches with sufficient flexibility commensurate with the latest rapid technical development. CEES brochure


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